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Welcome To The Next Step In Plant-Based Wellness.

With our mission to bring Plant-Based Wellness to people that are in need, BeWell Kiosks are springing up across the country. Now customers have the ability to place purchases from the convenience of your office with minimal work on your staff.

Plant-Based Income

With BeWell Market's products holding a gross profit margin of 50% across the board, make passive income at your practice while still helping your patients and their families.

Minimal Investment

We will install your BeWell Market Kiosk and train your staff on Kiosk Operations and Upkeep for FREE after one initial investment of $6,000 in BeWell Products to sell within your BeWell Kiosk.

Referral Program

If you refer another doctor's office to install our BeWell Kiosk at their office, you'll receive $100 a month as long as they continue to keep restocking the kiosk at their business. ($1,200 Annually)

BeWell Kiosk

With the Kiosk having Tinctures, Edibles, and Topicals available for purchase; You can provide Plant-Based Wellness options to everyone regardless of their personal preference.

Products made with ingredients you want to share.

With BeWell Market's core values in bringing Plant-Based Wellness to everyone who is in need, all the products purchased for your Kiosk are safe, natural, and have been tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

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