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Rickey Hill's Wellness Kit

Take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced life with the Rickey Hill Wellness Kit, curated by Ricky Hill, a man who knows first hand the challenges of navigating life's obstacles. This kit has everything you need to train harder, perform better, and recover faster.

What To Expect


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Rickey Hill's Story

Rickey Hill was born in Fort Worth, Texas to a poor Baptist preacher. Despite the challenges he faced growing up, including poverty and bullying due to the braces on his legs, Rickey always held onto his dream of becoming the greatest baseball hitter in the world. This dream was fueled by his brother's pitching practice and his father's disciplining sticks, which only made Rickey more determined to escape his past and fulfill his destiny.

Throughout his life, Rickey faced a constant balancing act between fulfilling his father's expectations of becoming a preacher and pursuing his own dream in baseball. Despite the difficulties he faced, such as poverty and illness, Rickey never lost sight of his goal. He saw his life as a masterpiece being painted on God's canvas, with each day bringing new hurdles to overcome and new opportunities for growth.

It was this drive and determination that inspired Rickey to create the Rickey Hill Ultimate Wellness Kit. With his personal experience with anxiety and the challenges of everyday life, Rickey wanted to help others find the courage to take control of their wellness and unleash their full potential. The kit features high-quality, plant-based hemp CBD products to help manage stress, pain, anxiety and increase focus, allowing individuals to train harder, perform better, and recover faster. Rickey's ultimate goal is to help others find the balance they need to pursue their own dreams, just as he did.